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The personal information you provide to Lehigh Valley Zoo may be used for the purposes of demographic, market, or developmental research. The Zoo may use your information to send you information about programs or promotions that we believe may interest you, or to contact you in regard to annual appeals for donation and fundraising.

Lehigh Valley Zoo does not sell its mailing list to any organization or company. From time to time, the Zoo may trade mailing lists with like-minded organizations (like other zoos, museums, and other not-for-profit organizations) for marketing, development, or research purposes. Exchanging these lists allows the Zoo to reach a larger audience for fund-raising, membership, and similar programs without spending money that would be better used for animal care or other operational costs; by allowing the Zoo to exchange your information, you help the Zoo raise much needed funds for its operations.

The information exchanged includes names and mailing addresses. Lehigh Valley Zoo will not under any circumstances divulge the email addresses or telephone numbers on our mailing list to any organization, except where we may be required by law.

If you are receiving mail from Lehigh Valley Zoo and would prefer not to receive this mail, please notify us by phone, email, fax, or postal mail (all provided on our contact page) and your information will be removed from our mailing lists. If you would like to continue receiving mail from the Zoo, but would prefer that all of your personal information be kept private and confidential, please let us know and we will not share any of your information. Once inside the Zoo, your photo may be taken by a Zoo photographer and published on the Zoo’s website or the Zoo’s social media accounts.



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