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Owl Connection
610-799-4171 X 238

(prices effective through October 31, 2015)

Who, who wants to meet an owl? During Lehigh Valley Zoo’s Owl Connection, you’ll be introduced to three of the Zoo’s owls which may include a Great Horned Owl, Screech Owl, Barred Owl, or Barn Owl, and you may have the chance to learn how to handle the screech owl on your gloved hand. Participants will learn about these secretive, nocturnal animals, where they live, and what special adaptations they have to survive. Bring along your cameras to catch moments you won’t want to forget.                           
$150.00 for up to four people
Attendees must be 42” tall and at least 10 years of age.
Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult
Two weeks advanced reserved required.

Book your program during Zoo hours and receive free admission to Lehigh Valley Zoo for the entire day.  Owl Connection programs are also available for group visits and Zoo rentals.

During the program, participants view a 20 minute presentation on three owls, their habitat, and the special adaptations they need to survive. After the presentation guests will have a photo opportunity with an owl and may be taught how to handle an owl on a gloved hand. This unforgettable program held at Lehigh Valley Zoo is a special chance to get close to and learn about these beautiful birds.

Do we get to touch or pet an owl?

Due to the needs of our animals guests are not permitted to touch the owls. Guests may however, have the opportunity to handle the screech owl on a gloved hand. Our educators are experts in determining if it is appropriate for you to do this, and will instruct you in the safe way of handling the owl.



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