Dart Frog



DIETAnts, beetles, mites

RANGECentral and South America


Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frogs are native to tropical Central and South America. These species of frog are known for their bright colors. The bright colors are correlated with the toxicity of the species. This is known as aposematic – an antipredator adaption in which a warning signal is associated with unprofitability of a prey item to a potential predator. The toxicity is thought to come  from their diet of ants, mites, and termites. The bugs eat plants with toxins, which are then ingested by the frogs.

The name dart frog comes from the Amerindians using their toxic secretions to poison the tips of blow darts. Only 4 of 170 species of poison dart frogs were used for this purpose. The golden poison dart frog is the most toxic of all species of dart frog.

Dart frog species are listed as Least Concern to Critically Endangered by IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Fun fact: A group of poison dart frogs is referred to as an army.

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