Grey Fox

STATUSLeast Concern

COMMON NAME (SCIENTIFIC NAME)Urocyon cinereoargenteus

DIETSmall mammals, amphibians, birds, some fruits and seeds

RANGEFrom southern Canada to South America

HABITATDeciduous forests, woodlands, thick brush areas

Grey Fox

The gray fox is found in Southern Canada to South America. They live in deciduous forests, woodlands in the eastern U.S., semi-arid areas in the U.S. southwest, and forested and thick brush areas in South America.

Gray foxes are one of the only members of the canidae (dog) family that can climb trees. While most canines have blunt fixed claws built for running, gray foxes have semi-retractable claws that can be used for climbing.

Both gray and red foxes inhabit Pennsylvania. Red foxes are able to better adapt to human developments and are less elusive than the gray fox.

Gray foxes will create dens in hollow trees, stumps or appropriated dens of other animals.

Diet : Omnivorous. Small mammals, amphibians, birds, some fruits and seeds.

Fun Fact: Our gray fox is named Louie!

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