La Mancha Goat

STATUSNot Yet Evaluated

COMMON NAME (SCIENTIFIC NAME)Capra aegagrus hircus

DIETBrush, tree leaves, fruits, vegetable, and herbs

RANGENative to Spain, but are now globally domesticated

HABITATOpen farmland

La Mancha Goat

Physical Description

La Mancha goats average 28-30 inches at the withers, or shoulders, and 130-160 lbs. Their fur is short and glossy and can vary widely in color from white or cream to brown, gray, or black with stripes or other markings.


Predators they may encounter include coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, and other large carnivores.


They live an average of 7-10 years.


Breeding season is seasonal but can last from September to March in the US. Females will give birth to 1-3 kids.

Fun Facts

  • La Mancha goats are known for their short ears and have 2 different ear types. “Gopher ears” are almost non-existent but may be up to 1 inch in length, while the “elf ears” have a maximum length of 2 inches.
  • This breed is thought to have been descended from Spanish goats that were brought by early settlers to California.

Conservation Messaging

Goats as well as barnyard animals are commonly kept as pets on farms and ranches. It is always best to do your research before moving forward with purchasing any livestock. These animals require different needs from say your dog or cat.

For instance, most livestock animals are herd animals so having one is not an acceptable option. As always, every animal has individual needs that must be met in order to provide the best possible welfare which means you will need a veterinarian that specializes in hoofstock.

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