Masai Giraffe


COMMON NAME (SCIENTIFIC NAME)Giraffa camelopardalis tippelskirchi

DIETLeaves, twigs, sprouts, flowers, fruit, and tree bark

RANGEEastern Africa

HABITATGrasslands and savannas

Masai Giraffe

Physical Description

Male Masai giraffe, known as bulls, can reach heights of 17-19ft and weigh between 2000 and 3000lbs. Females, known as cows, are a bit smaller at 16-18ft in height and weigh 1300-2000lbs. They are known for their “maple leaf” like spots. Each spot pattern is unique to that particular giraffe. These spots not only aid in camouflage but also with thermoregulation.


Because of their size and their powerful kick, not many animals hunt giraffes, but some predators that may prey on young, old, or weak giraffes include lions and crocodiles.


In the wild they can live an average of 10-15 years, but under human care they can live 20-25 years and possibly even longer.


Giraffe gestation is about 15 months, and mothers give birth standing up. The calf is about 6ft tall, weighs about 200lbs, and is able to walk within the first half hour!

Fun Facts

  • Giraffes are herd animals and will live in either a family herd or a bachelor herd.
  • Masai are the tallest and darkest of all the giraffe species (there are 4 species and several subspecies of giraffe).

Conservation Messaging

Like many other animals in Africa, giraffes are facing habitat loss. Agriculture, infrastructure, and resource extraction are just a few of the contributions to the destruction of wildlife habitats in Africa.

One thing that we can do is support sustainable agriculture practices. By purchasing products that are certified by organizations such as Bird Friendly, you are helping in the conservation of forests and habitats around the world.

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