Palomino Horse

STATUSLeast Concern


DIETGrasses, shrubs, and plants

RANGENative to Spain, but have been globally domesticated

HABITATOpen farm pastures

Palomino Horse

Physical Description

Palomino refers to horses with cream, yellow, or gold coats and white or silver mane and tails and is not actually a breed. Most Palominos are either Arabian horses or American Quarter horses. Under domestication the horse has diversified into three major types, based on size and build: draft horses, heavy-limbed and up to 20 hands high; ponies, by convention horses under 14.2 hands high; and light horses, the saddle or riding horses, which fall in the intermediate size range.


Palomino horses can be found worldwide because horses have been a domesticated species for a very long time. Because of this, they may encounter different predators depending on where they are found; some predators can include mountain lions, wolves, and bears.


On average, horses will live 20-25 years though some have been known to live 30-35 years or more.


Male horses are called stallions, and females are called mares. Stallions used for breeding are called studs, and geldings are male horses that have been castrated. Young horses are known as foals with males being colts and females being fillies. After a gestation period of 11 months, the female may give birth to a single foal, twins, or even triplets though the most common birth will be of a single foal. Foals will be weaned at about six months old.

Fun Facts

  • Palomino horses used to roam the Trexler Nature Preserve. In 2004, the Lehigh Valley Zoological Society assumed management of the zoo, as well as the daily management of the bison and elk herd and the palominos in the 1,100-acre Trexler Nature Preserve. The Palomino horses were subsequently moved onto the Zoo grounds in order to better facilitate their care.
  • When discussing the height of horses, the unit used is “hands.” One “hand” is four inches.

Conservation Messaging

Horses are commonly kept on family farms and ranches all across the world and horseback riding is a great hobby that many people enjoy.

If you’re considering adding a horse or pony to your family, it’s important to consider that horses require a lot of attention and specialized care. It’s best to do research and to consult a professional or veterinarian before moving forward with purchasing horses.

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