Palomino Horse

STATUSLeast Concern



RANGEWorldwide - domesticated

HABITATFarms, pastures

Palomino Horse

All domestic horses are descended from wild European horses. The only true wild horses still in existence are Przewalski’s horses in Eastern Europe. Most horse breeds are classified according to their lineage, but the Palomino is classified by color. While the coat’s shade may be dark or light, it must be a gold color with a white mane and tail. Since Palomino refers to the coloration, they can be any breed but are most often Quarter Horses.

Baby horses are called “foals” and can walk within 25 minutes of being born.

When discussing the height of horses, the unit used is “hands.” One “hand” is four inches.

Fun Fact: Palomino horses used to roam the Trexler Nature Preserve. In 2004, the Lehigh Valley Zoological Society assumed management of the zoo, as well as the daily management of the bison and elk herd and the palominos in the 1,100-acre Trexler Nature Preserve. The Palomino horses were subsequently moved onto the Zoo grounds in order to better facilitate their care.

Our palomino horse’s name is Whiskers.

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