Toggenburg Goat

STATUSUndetermined - Domestic Species

COMMON NAME (SCIENTIFIC NAME)Capra aegagrus hircus

DIETLeaves, grasses, hay

RANGEDomesticated worldwide

HABITATPastures, hilly regions, grasslands, shrublands

Toggenburg Goat

Physical Description

They are a sturdily built goat with strong legs and an elongated body. Their fawn, gray, or brown coat is short to medium in length with white markings. They average 26-33 inches tall and weigh 120-150 lbs.


Predators they may encounter include coyotes, mountain lions, wolves, and other large carnivores.


They live an average of 8-12 years.


Breeding begins once the ·day length shortens and ends in early spring. Gestation is about 150 days.

Fun Facts

  • They are thought to be the oldest known dairy goat breed!
  • Sometimes farmers will have them graze with their cows for pasture maintenance because they will eat many plants the cows don’t.

Conservation Messaging

Goats as well as barnyard animals are commonly kept as pets on farms and ranches. It is always best to do your research before moving forward with purchasing any livestock. These animals require different needs from say your dog or cat.

For instance, most livestock animals are herd animals so having one is not an acceptable option. As always, every animal has individual needs that must be met in order to provide the best possible welfare which means you will need a veterinarian that specializes in hoofstock.

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