Toggenburg Goat

STATUSUndetermined - Domestic Species

COMMON NAME (SCIENTIFIC NAME)Capra aegagrus hircus

DIETLeaves, grasses, hay

RANGEDomesticated worldwide

HABITATPastures, hilly regions, grasslands, shrublands

Toggenburg Goat

The Toggenburg Goat is named after the region in Switzerland where the breed originated from, the Toggenburg Valley. They are credited as being the oldest known dairy goat breed. This goat was brought into England in 1884. In 1893, William A Shafer of Ohio imported 4 Toggenburg goats into the United States. By 1921 there were enough Toggenburg goats in the United States to establish a foundation stock. They were the first breed of goat to be registered in the U.S. They are very friendly goats and are generally quiet and gentle.

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