Tammar Wallaby

STATUSLeast Concern


DIETGrass, shrubs, fruit

RANGEAustralia, New Zealand, New Guinea

HABITATForest, shrubland

Tammar Wallaby

The Tammar Wallaby has isolated populations on the southwestern tip of Australia. They live in coastal scrublands and dry forest with dense undergrowth. They are able to drink seawater if no other water is available.

They are among the smallest of the wallabies in the genus Macropus. Macropods are only found in Australia, New Zealand, and the islands of New Guinea.

Wallabies and other Australian animals are under severe stress from introduced pests. For example, introduced rabbits outcompete other herbivores for food. Introduced foxes prey on native animals decimating their populations.

Diet : Herbivorous. Specializes on grass but will also consume shrubs and fruit.

Our wallabies’ names are Dwight and Mose.

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