Kordofan Aoudad

STATUSLeast Concern


DIETGrasses, shrubs, herbs

RANGENorth Africa, Moracao, Egypt, and Sudan

HABITATShrubland, desert, rocky areas, savannas

Kordofan Aoudad

The Kordofan Aoudad lives in dry regions of North Africa, Moracao, Egypt, and Sudan.

Though many guests assume they are a type of goat, they are actually sheep and are the only wild sheep in Africa! Another common name for them is Barbary Sheep! They have a long fringe from the throat and forequarters; semicircular horns on both sexes.

Their populations in Africa are declining due to hunting and habitat loss. People native to the Sahara affect the population because it is an important source of meat. The hide, hair, and sinews are also valuable in the desert economy.

Diet : Grasses, shrubs, herbs

Fun Fact: The Lehigh Valley Zoo is one of a small handful of zoos across the United States to have Auodads!

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