DIETSeeds, nectar, fruit, and pollen

RANGEAustralia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea

HABITATRainforests, woodlands, shrublands, wetlands, mangroves, and savannas


Physical Description

Lorikeets are some of the most colorful members of the parrot family with most lorikeets being green with patches of red and yellow but some being other color combinations. Their size ranges from 6-15 inches depending on species, and they are known for their unique, brush-like tongue which helps them harvest pollen and nectar.


Predators they may encounter include birds of prey and snakes.


Their lifespan varies by species, with smaller species typically living 12-15 years and larger ones living 25-35 years.


Most lorikeets mate for life and can breed at any time during the year, though some species may vary by location. The female usually lays 2 eggs, and even though both parents will be in the roost, only the female will incubate the eggs for a period of about 25 days. The chicks will begin to fledge after about 7 to 8 weeks.

Fun Facts

  • Because of habitat destruction, introduction of invasive species and exotic diseases, and illegal trapping for the pet trade industry, at least 13 species are endangered or vulnerable, particularly those found only on small islands.
  • Lorikeets are very social and have sometimes been found in flocks of thousands of individuals.

Conservation Messaging

Lorikeets and Cockatoos are often viewed as these beautiful and intelligent birds. While many people will fall in love with exotic birds for that reason, most of these birds are considered vulnerable, threatened, or endangered out in the wild.

By purchasing and owning an exotic animal, you could be supporting the illegal exotic pet trade. What we see is vibrant colors of a parrot or the incredible ability to mimic sound but what we don’t see is how these animals were first illegally poached from the wild. One more exotic pet in captivity is one less animal in the wild which is resulting in species population numbers dropping drastically.

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