Perspective of a Guest Engagement Ambassador

Lehigh Valley Zoo – Hey there! My name is Kayla and I am one of the guest engagement ambassadors at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. Ambassadors at the zoo help with a wide range of tasks. You will find us at all of the interactive exhibits and assisting with the events held at the zoo! Ambassadors help train volunteers and docents, manage line control at our popular giraffe feeds, and run interactive opportunities such as feeding the lorikeets!

   I absolutely love what I do! A huge part of my job is to talk to guests about the zoo, our conservation missions, and educate about animals that call the zoo home. My favorite moment is when I see our guests learn something new that amazes them. My daily goal is to inspire one person to care and to want to save our wildlife. I also love being asked questions about our animals – I promise there is no such thing as a silly question! I also promise you probably aren’t the first person to ask that question either.

Being in my position, I do get to interact with several of our regular guests on a weekly basis. There’s one family that comes to mind that the kids seek me out and are ready with several questions (such as what’s my favorite candy and what’s the emus’ names). If you come to the zoo often, please say hello and introduce yourself!

    The Lehigh Valley Zoo has always felt like home to me, especially due to the friendly staff. I grew up locally, coming to the zoo every single year. I’m sure my parents have quite a few old photos of me dressed up at Boo at the Zoo from the 90’s. I knew I wanted to continue helping the zoo be a place for families and to inspire the next generation to care about wildlife, so it only made sense that my career path led me to where I am today!

   I actually started out at the zoo as a volunteer. I had some free time and wanted to be involved in a local wildlife organization. If anyone is considering a career path with a zoological organization or something similar, I highly recommend reaching out to become a docent. You gain valuable skills such as public speaking and time management. You never know what doors may open for you.

Written by Kayla Strawn
Guest Engagement Ambassador
Lehigh Valley Zoo | Schnecksville, PA

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